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Friday, July 30, 2010

Living The Life biker photography poetry book reviews & articles.

When Issue 131 of Iron Horse Magazine hit the streets July 2010 it featured a flattering book review by Editorial Director Todd Ingram. Todd has become a good friend and is one of the many who encouraged me to publish my biker photography in a book titled “living the life”. He also did a feature article on my work in Issue 11, November 2007, after seeing my photos as covers for a years worth of Hot Bike Japan in 2006.

At this time I’d like to Todd, and all my friends who without their support I would not, or could not have published my work. Including the crew at Lowside Syndicate. Stay tuned there is more in the works. Hot Bike has a review in their new products, and it will be in the Fall issue of Street Chopper. The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine promised a review in an up coming issue. I will post them all as they come in.

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