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Thursday, March 4, 2010

It’s a book! “Living The Life” Lives!

It’s a book! “Living The Life” Lives!
2 pounds, 2 ounces. Made in the USA, just like dad.

That’s right world, after 30 years of riding and photographing, it’s on the street. It ain’t been easy, and if any of you want to know how to do it I’ll be happy to give you advice “be careful of what you ask for”. The process has taken some serious time away from family, friends, and riding. It has also given me the opportunity to make some good friends, and weed out some of the fair weather ones.

Before I go too far, I’d like to acknowledge those who have made this possible. You got it, family comes first, especially mine for putting up with me and all the hardship of living with a biker photographer. Next, my brothers and sisters from back in the day who have encouraged me to go forth and publish. They even offered to front me coin as a grubstake. I love my brothers and sisters, so I didn’t take the money.

Next, Sorez the Scribe for his inspiring words which echo the pulse of the biker’s world. No “roses are red” here, just red blooded personal insight that only years and miles make right. Sorez in a few choice words makes clear what some folks would write volumes about, and still miss the point. I had friends who gave me grief about putting poetry in this book till they read Sorez’s words. I’d have to tell them to think of it as lyrics to a biker song. Now they tell me I’m right. FA, I knew that.

Of course all this effort would have been for not, if there wasn’t a publisher who believed in me. And if some of you have ventured into the dark forest of publishing you will know it is filled with reject letters, snakes, and wolves. You are lucky to come out with your life, and chances are you’ll lose every penny you had. This is where I got lucky again! Turns out, I took a photo of some biker on a home built suicide chopper at Smokeout 10 who later became a friend and ally. Richard Gohlinghorst AKA MR BOH who was in the printing business, took a liking to my work, and was looking to expand the family press onto unmapped roads. Rich and a very talented designer Eric Wheatley, yours truly, became an unlikely alliance, AKA Lowside Syndicate. After months of brain storming, and fine tuning “Living the Life” came to life. I must admit it looks real fine! If there is anyone out there reading this, and is looking for a printer/publisher who will print your life’s work in the USA, check them out .

Other fine contributors to “Living the Life” were MarySusan Williams-Migneault of RoadHousePress, and Rusty Baker curator at the Susquehanna Art Museum who both wrote intros that gave my work new perspective. Shit, I was just riding and photographing. K. Peddlar Bridges was kind enough to add historical insight with his “Biker Poetry 101... The New Mobile Literary Scene!”

We can’t forget the media. Todd Ingram of Iron Horse Magazine wrote one hell of an itro in the book and is doing a review in an upcoming issue of the magazine. Jeff G. Holt of Street Chopper Magazine, and Fabricator Kevin have also promised reviews. This is more than I could have dreamed.

Finally I’d like to thank all those brave souls who shoveled their way through snow and ice to come see us at the Timonium Bike Show. Kuda in particular, who road his bike 150 miles in sub freezing weather. And all my friends who have shown support at my book signings. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

If you like old school biker photos, and old school biker poetry, please take a closer look at my book “Living The Life” on my website

If you think it’s worthy, please help spread the word. THANKS!

Long May You Ride,
Doug Barber AKA Q-Ball